Custom Wheels With Ultra Thin Spokes

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If you are interested in improving the performance of your vehicle and cutting weight, one of the areas that you can look towards could be your rims. An excellent strategy that many performance brands have used for years means choosing custom wheels that can maintain strength while cutting mass.

Choosing Thin Spokes On Wheels Could Be A Great Way That You Can Work At Improving Performance And Here’s Why

One of the factors to limiting speed on a vehicle means cutting the weight that needs to be moved. Vehicle owners will do just about anything to cut weight on a performance car. This can mean taking out unnecessary seats, switching over to carbon fiber components and choosing to reduce mass in some of the heaviest areas of your vehicle.

Heavy alloy wheels can take an extensive amount of energy to get rolling. Using custom wheels that have very thin spokes can help you have access to the strength that you need to maintain vehicle handling under high speeds while also cutting weight.

Some of the top manufacturers of ultra thin spokes and custom wheels include MRR with their staggered filament design, Spartan Multipiece Y spoke designs,  FIR, F23 ultra thin spokes and more.

When it comes down to choosing your custom wheels the number of spokes does not ultimately matter. What matters is how the wheel fits your vehicle and the overall weight of the custom wheel. By making sure that you get a wheel that has a proper bolt pattern, diameter, with offset and backspacing you will be able to work at cutting weight while improving performance.

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