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Buying a used car? IBC’s free VIN check service for consumers can help you verify if a car has been declared flood damaged beyond repair.

An extraordinary bargain for a car? Make sure the vehicle has not been damaged by a catastrophic loss.

Use this free VIN Check service to verify if a vehicle has been declared flood damaged and irreparable by Equity Association member carriers.

To protect consumers, as well as its member insurers, IBC maintains a database of vehicles declared irreparable.

Unfortunately, fraudsters buy flood-damaged vehicles to resell them to unsuspecting consumers. Any vehicle that has been flooded to the underside of the dash must be rated “irreparable” and prohibited from driving on any road. All jurisdictions follow this same guideline.

If electrical components have been damaged by water, flooded vehicles can have mold and other problems. They should never be driven on the roads.

How to Use VIN Search in 4 Simple Steps

Obtain the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Enter the VIN.

Accept the Terms of Service

Enter the verification code and search the VIN Verification database.

IBC’s national database includes VINs for “flooded”, “burned out”, “irreparable” or “salvage” vehicles

Please check the database regularly to review affected VINs or contact the IBC Consumer Information Center in your area.

VIN Checker Database Terms of Use

The VIN database is made possible through the collaboration of participating member companies.

Information from the database is provided “as is” and its member companies make no representations, warranties or conditions, express or implied, including but not limited to accuracy, completeness, or validity of the data, or any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or any warranty arising by statute or regulation, usage of the trade or of the usual conduct of business.

The user of this information shall make no representations, warranties or conditions to any third party, directly or indirectly or by omission, regarding the accuracy or completeness of this information, other than as previously been authorized in written.

By verifying a VIN in this database, you agree not to hold the Insurance Bureau, its employees, board of directors, members, agents or any other entity which provided such information to IBC responsible. For any reason whatsoever, as a result of your use of such information, including, but not limited to, if the information is proven to be inaccurate.

VIN check and recent natural disasters

Some vehicles that have been declared “flooded”, “burned”, “irreparable” or “salvaged” may not be listed on this website right away.

Other vehicles that have been declared damaged by flood or fire may not be listed in this database.

It is possible that a vehicle was declared incorrectly and was not deleted from this database.

Some vehicles may also have two VINs or one VIN that was entered incorrectly.