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It is vital to remember that repairing windshield damage can be a burden for numerous vehicle owners. It does not matter whether you have a truck, SUV, or car because they may work perfectly with spotless interior, but a small chip can affect the overall efficiency of your driving ability.

As a result, you will limit your vision and risk your safety and police citation. The facts state that having a damaged windshield can be dangerous to all passengers and drivers, primarily because weak car glass will threaten the integrity of your car.

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It means you should determine whether you should replace or repair auto glass. The next time you decide to scratch, chip or crack glass, you should avoid waiting and act as soon as possible, which will reduce overall damage. Therefore, you can save both money and time by protecting yourself and your passengers if an accident happens.

Different Types of Windshield Damages

1.   Chip

For instance, while driving, numerous problems can affect your windshield, including a piece of debris and pebble. Chips can happen on the outer layer from the front of the windscreen. Generally, the screen features laminated glass separated by plastic layers.

It is challenging to shatter it unless there is a severe collision. Therefore, when a small tin or rock flies and hits your windscreen, the part of the glass will fall off, resulting in chipping. You should know vehicle owners are not aware of various options:

  • Pit – You have a pit or a chip when you have a small glass missing from your windshield. The pit depends on a location, especially when it comes to effectiveness.
  • Bullseye – If the chip features a circular shape, dark-colored appearance, and impact hole, you have a bullseye chip.
  • Half Moon – A partial bullseye or half-moon chip is similar to a typical bullseye, but the damage will happen in a circular shape.
  • Combination Break – Finally, chips come in combinations, meaning they will feature a bullseye and others that come from it.

2.   Cracks

You should know that we are talking about the laminated glass in the front screen when it comes to cracks. However, if the panes crack, tempered glass will make up your side and rear windows. Another important consideration is to understand that chips happen from debris and small rocks; cracks can occur without an impact.

Cracks can happen in either the outer or inner layer, and other parts of car glass due to numerous reasons, including:

  • Temperature Changes – As soon as you wash the car with super cold water on a scorching day, you can form a stress crack due to severe temperature changes. At the same time, similar problems can happen when using steaming hot water on the freezing glass, which is something you should avoid.
  • Pressure Changes – Numerous problems can happen due to pressure changes, especially if they are severe to the point of causing cracks, such as weather. For instance, win pressure is one of the biggest reasons for damages affecting your vision.
  • Car Glass Defects – When it comes to car glass, you can implement numerous defects, especially manufacturing issues. For instance, the constant residual stress includes weakness you will experience on the edges, which can affect the irreparable damage afterward.

We can differentiate numerous options for car glass cracks, including:

  • Edge – You should know that this option will happen two inches from the windshield and can reach the outer edge, which is vital to remember.
  • Stress – We are talking about cracks due to temperature changes leading to significant damage.
  • Crack Chip – When you notice a problem in the form of a quarter, you have a crack chip.

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  • Long – If the crack is longer than six inches, which is the size of a dollar bill, it means you have a long break, which will affect your visibility issues.
  • Star – The damage represents a single chip and other issues that will radiate from it. As a result, the entire one will have a shape of a star, which is essential to remember.
  • Floater – Finally, this option happens in the center of your windshield, meaning it will not affect the edges the same way.