5 Tips on Finding Manual Driving Lessons in Perth Western Australia

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If you’re over 17 in Australia, you’re eligible to drive. Before getting your license, you need to take classes and learn how to drive in real-life situations. To do that, you need to find a company that will provide their services and have driving instructors to teach you everything you need to know.

There are two types of driving lessons – manual and automatic, and both are named by the type of transmission cars have. Cars with an automatic transmission are easier to control, but not everyone has this type of vehicle.

If you’re about to drive a manual transmission one when you get your license, then you need an instructor that will teach you how to do it. If you live in Perth, Western Australia, you want to find the ultimate best manual driving lessons, which is what will help with. Read on if you want to know how to find the best company for the task.

1. Look for nearby companies

It is essential to find a company that will be located nearby. Those in the neighborhood and surrounding areas in your city are the best because of many reasons. One reason is that they know the surrounding streets, and they know how to teach you to handle the most common situations.

Another reason is that you can easily get to their location and go home, and they can easily get you from your home and go on driving in the surrounding streets. Always think about the most convenient way to get the job done, and this is the ultimate best way.

2. Always read reviews and learn who the best is

To know where to go and who to hire, you should read some online reviews and see who’s worth hiring. Some of these companies might have a poor reputation and didn’t treat their clients perfectly in the past. If this is the case with some of those you’re thinking about hiring, you need to know about it.

Go online and see what reputation the surrounding companies have. If their reputation is amazing, go through the other points to make your final choice, and if you see some of them not enjoying a flawless reputation, then you should skip them, and go to someone else.

3. Pick the best instructor

Every company has more instructors available and they usually assign one to their clients randomly. However, you can pick one out of the list based on your preferences. Check out their websites and see who’s available. If you like someone more than another one, then ask them for that person.

This might not be the most essential thing to mind, but if there’s the option to choose yourself, then why not do it. These people are paid for their jobs, and they’ll do everything they can to teach you how to drive a motorized vehicle with a manual transmission. See the difference between gear shifting systems here.

4. Make sure the car park is brand new

Some companies allow you to drive your own car, but there are those with their own car parks. If you’re thinking about getting their vehicle instead of using yours, then you want to drive something excellent. See what they have and choose one of their cars.

Make sure their vehicles are brand new and see if you like the experience driving with them. Once you choose one of them, you will probably not be allowed to shift between others, so be sure that you love driving the particular model.

5. Compare pricing

The final thing to do is check the pricing model that all of them have. Why pay top dollars for something that you may find elsewhere for a more affordable price? You should also not go to those who ask for a much lower amount. There must be a reason why they are trying to pull you in. Instead, go for those who are in the middle.

It’s wise to create a spreadsheet and enter everyone’s options. Place the pros and cons of all companies and among the many features and downsides, place the charging too. You’ll easily see who falls in the category of affordable, and who asks for too much compared to their competitors.


These are some of the most valuable pieces of advice that you need to know. If you’re thinking about learning how to drive a manual vehicle, you must find the best instructors for the job. Not just anyone will do, but only the best. See what instructors do here: https://work.chron.com/driving-instructor-job-description-13182.html.

Their knowledge and capacity to teach are directly tied to what you’ll have as knowledge after you start driving freely around the streets of Perth. Make sure you hire someone perfect for you, and never accept anything less than perfection.