Changing Your Own Brakes and Rotors

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It takes more effort than normal for your car to slow down when you apply the brakes. If it has been awhile since they have been looked at, this might indicate that it is time for you to replace your brakes. Having this done in a garage can be expensive. Here are the steps to do it yourself at home.

Get the Supplies

Stop by the auto parts store to purchase the items you will need to complete the task. You will need to have someone help you find the correct brake pads and rotors for your make and model. If it looks like you will need a brake caliper replacement, you will need to take your vehicle to a professional to have that done. Once you have what you need from the store, assemble the correct wrenches and other tools to start working.

Remove the Tires

When you are ready to start, wrench the lug nuts off the tires with the brakes you need to change. Once they are loose enough to take off, you will want to get the car raised enough to work under. You will need a floor jack to raise the car then slip the tires off. Unbolt the caliper and slide it free from the vehicle then set it somewhere flat to rest while you work. Remove the old brake pads and set them aside in case you can use them in the reinstallation.

Change the Rotor and Pads

Next you need to remove the old rotor. You might need to use some extra force like a hammer to free this so you can take it off. Remove any rust from the area that might have accumulated there then set the new rotor into place. Secure this in place with the carrier bolts then reset the caliper piston until the caliper is where it belongs, ensuring the brake line is free so it is less likely to rupture.

Add the New

Slip your new brakes on then bolt down the caliper so that it can move freely but will stay in place. Put your tire back on and tighten the lug nuts as hard as you can. Once all of your brakes are changed on your car, lower the jack then get inside and pump the brakes a few times to set them. Take your car out and test them out on the highway accelerating and decelerating carefully to make sure they work.