What You Need to Know About Repairing Engines on European Cars

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When you think of European car companies, there are probably a few that come to mind. Some of the most popular include Volkswagen, BMW, and Fiat. When you own a European car, there are some things to know about engine repair.

Compared to American cars, European cars tend to be a lot different under the hood. For instance, American cars run on gasoline while European cars run on diesel. Or there’s the fact that European car engines tend to be smaller than their American counterparts.

These are just some of the reasons you want to find someone who specializes in European car engines. Here’s what you need to know about European car engine repair

European Car Engine Repairs That Are Most Common

While it’s highly recommended that you hire a garage that specializes in European car engine repair, you should know some of the most common repairs that are needed on such an engine. European engines are no different from American car engines in that they’re bound to run into issues that will need repair now and then. Even though on the surface, these issues may seem similar, you’ll need to go with someone who specializes in European car engines to properly address everything. Some of the most common European car engine repairs include:

  • Coolant leakage – The slightest separation in the coolant reservoir in your car’s coolant engine can cause it to leak and cause issues.
  • Oil leakage – If this is not properly addressed, it can cause white smoke to come from the tailpipe or under the hood, as well as a burning smell.
  • Transmission issues – You might have a problematic gearbox, or you might need something as simple as more transmission fluid or a software update.
  • Electrical issues – Several issues can come with the electrical systems in your car. 
  • Alternator issues – Issues with this can make it difficult to start your engine.

While you might think that there’s no difference between these kinds of issues and the same kinds of issues in an American car, you have to remember that European cars are made differently, making these issues a bit different to tackle. That’s why it’s important to go with a shop that specializes in European cars, so they know how to properly repair your vehicle. 

This also means that special European parts may need to be ordered if needed. A garage that specializes in fixing European cars might have a better chance of having these parts in stock compared to a shop that doesn’t specialize in European cars.

Why Go With Someone Who Specializes In European Cars?

Sure, there are plenty of shops out there that can claim that they can handle repairing every car. The downside to that is that these shops tend to fall into the category of “jack of all trades, master of none.” You are more likely to run into a shop that doesn’t have much experience with European cars, which could mean difficulties in getting your car fixed. As previously mentioned, this could also mean that they don’t have the parts to repair your engine, so it could end up being more costly with the need to order parts. When you go with a shop that specializes in European vehicles, you’ll have someone who’s highly experienced in working on your vehicle and will most likely have the parts on hand to get the job done.

Another thing to look out for when trying to find a shop that specializes in European cars is whether or not they’re ASE certified. This certification, short for Automotive Service Excellence, proves that not only do they know what they’re doing when it comes to your vehicle, but that they’re certified to do so. You should also look into how current their equipment is. While everything doesn’t need to be state-of-the-art, more outdated equipment means that they might not be able to handle your vehicle.

Taking your car to a shop that specializes in European car engine repair offers a level of attention to detail that you’re not going to get with every shop. Don’t go to Google and just look for the cheapest and closest to you. Look for shops with great customer reviews and testimonials about their experiences. You want to make sure that not only do they have all of the above, but they don’t cut corners in trying to fix your vehicle; you should depend on excellent customer service.