How To Become a Career Truck Driver

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Starting a new career is a fun and frightening task which can require a lot of research, certifications and applications to even get you started. When you want to become a career truck driver, you will need to research the possibilities for your career such as long-distance hauling, local deliveries or even hauling supplies to specific industries such as the oil and gas fields. You will also need to have training in how to operate the equipment safely and legally as well as find companies to apply to.


Your first step is to research aspects of the career such as what the average pay is, which companies pay more and what certifications do you need for the highest paying jobs. It is a good idea to keep in mind that some of the highest paid truck drivers will be handling hazardous materials or working in dangerous conditions. You will also want to research which industries are hiring in your area. For instance, if you want to get into water waste hauling for the oil and gas industry, then you might have to relocate.


The most important certification you need to drive trucks professionally is your Commercial Drivers’ License. There are many schools available for you to take these courses and earn your certification, some of which will have scholarships or grants available. Getting your CDL will be contingent on your past driving record and you may need to see if any of your old accidents or tickets will be disqualifying before you apply to classes.


Turning in an application is relatively easy compared to deciding where to apply. Your best bet is to start with trucking companies local to where you are or where you want to move. This can help decrease the expenses involved with getting a new job. If you do not already own your own truck, then you will want to apply for places which provide the truck as well as the clients and schedule. You can then save up until you can get a truck of your own if you do not feel like that company is the best fit.

Becoming a career truck driver can be a rewarding and lucrative decision. You will need to research the career to see if it is a good fit for you, your family and your goals as well as to see what kinds of certifications you will need. Once you have all of your research done, you can apply for CDL classes and jobs with local companies to start working.