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Flatbed trucks are integral for transporting specialized, large, and heavy-weight cargo that can’t be fitted in trailers. All x1 should invest in tarps as it’s not only responsible, but it pays to carry tarps! Truckers who carry tarps open doors for more load options and the possibility of better paying loads!


Of course, tarping is no walk in the park. The ability to carry and utilize the right tarps for your cargo requires effort and skill. Here are 7 great tarps for all your trucking needs!




There are following types of tarps, which are very much important for the safety of your cargo. Please check out them.




Lumber tarps have flaps that cover the ends of loads and protect them from the elements. These lumber tarps get their name from originally covering large stacks of wood. They have evolved to shield varieties of tall cargo stacks.



The benefits of Lumber tarps are their size and adjustability. Lumber tarps by mytee products are heavy-duty, dense, and typically come in 8’ drops. Some Lumber tarps come with three rows on D-rings, allowing the tarp to be heightened or shortened to cover different load sizes securely. Most tarps come in 18oz, 14oz, or parachute fabric.





Steel truck tarps protect cargo such as uncoiled steel rods. Our Steel tarps are made of 18oz or 14oz vinyl and parachute fabric for easy folds and tear-resistance. One key difference between Steel and Lumber tarps is their size. Steel tarps are smaller, shorter, denser, and are typically 4’ drops.





Also called Airbag tarps, these tarps protect cargo from stormy weather or direct sunlight. Made of the same flexible, lightweight fabric as parachutes, backpacks, and airbags, these tarps are water and tear-resistant!


Parachute tarps are not waterproof; while water beads off the sides of the tarp it can soak through. It’s ill-advised to use this tarp for oversize loads. While Lumber and Parachute tarps have many similarities, consider how Airbag tarps are 40% lighter and more flexible – especially in cold weather – while Lumber tarps are more resistant and entirely waterproof.





Machinery tarps are heavy-duty vinyl tarps made to cover irregular or oddly-shaped loads with ease. Machinery tarps protect cargo from weather, debris, and any scratches or tears during transportation. These tarps come in different sizes and drops for all uniquely-shaped loads.

Whether choosing a tarp made entirely of 18oz heavy-duty vinyl or only vinyl-roofed and sided with lightweight parachute fabric, they are waterproof, durable, and resistant! They also have rows on D-Rings on all four sides for easy security. Mytee Products Machinery tarps are affordable and made to protect your machinery and get your job done for less!




Mytee Products offer tarps specialized for fragile and unique cargo, like our Bee Hauling Nets. Also called Nursery Tarps, these tarps are used for transporting bees across the country during the summer and winter months.


It’s required to have a tarp that keeps the hives safe and secure on your flatbed. Made of PVC coated mesh, Bee Hauling tarps provide ventilation to the bees during transportation, while also being abrasion and tear-resistant.





When delivering heavy-duty pipes, a trucker’s main concern is protecting the outside of the load and keeping the inside clean and clear. A smoke tarp provides an easy solution: covering the front of the load to protect it from soot, dirt, and exhaust smoke.


Also called Nose tarps, they are smaller and designed to go in the front of a trailer to prevent exhaust and soot from dirtying cargo during transit. Made with tough, 18oz vinyl and double stitching, these tarps easy to secure.



You should always use a Smoke tarp if you think you might run the risk of soot or smoke damaging your load. Mytee Products’ Smoke tarps are made with high-quality, waterproof, and tear-resistant vinyl, and are flat rather than fitted for easy wrapping.




In the modern age of trucking, more drivers are moving away from covering coil pipes with traditional tarps. Instead, they’re utilizing specialized Steel Coil tarps designed to provide protection and a perfect fit for coils. Made with heavy-duty vinyl, Steel Coil tarps have slits along the corner from the midpoint to the ground to run a chain through both ends and secure the coil to the flatbed.


While steel coils are sturdy, they still need protection from the elements during transportation. Steel is susceptible to rust, and weather like rain or snow can damage the load. It’s much easier to cover coils with steel coil tarps than typical steel tarps, making these tarps a good investment for trucker drivers who haul coils frequently!





DO: Research and determine the best tarps for your cargo. Purchasing the right tarp for your flatbed truck protects the wellbeing of your load, and finding a tarp that will last several trips saves you money! Remember, it pays to carry tarps!


DON’T: Truckers may mistake stationary tarps of being the same quality or “just as good” as more sturdy or specialized tarps. Using tarps like Canvas and Poly tarps is akin to using duct tape to repair damage. It may work in a bind and for short hauls, but will not last in the long haul. Poly and Canvas tarps are wonderful for protecting stationary equipment, but will wear quickly and should not be used as replacements for the tarps on this list.



Truckers face an array of unique challenges and weather conditions during transport, and the protection of your cargo should always be a priority. The need for tarps is a necessity for flatbed truckers, and at Mytee Products we’re here to help find the perfect tarp for you!