Faulty Brakes? 

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As drivers, we don’t often consider the maintenance of the vehicles that transport us to and from work, school, and recreational activities until we need repairs, including brake repair. That’s why finding an auto repair shop you can trust is crucial to your vehicle’s health.

A failure often makes us pay attention, mainly because it stops our vehicle or prevents it from starting in the first place.

Unfortunately, we aren’t always good at routine prevention, and brake problems may not always be spotted early enough. It can be disastrous when brakes fail, because you can’t stop. 

A properly maintained brake system can mean the difference between arriving safely and going to the hospital, if not worse. You don’t want to cause tragedy for yourself, your loved ones, or others.

Most of us know little about the cars and trucks we drive daily. Knowing the inner workings helps, but if we have expert mechanics, we don’t have to know about the technical issues and how to fix them.

Brake malfunction is probably the worst thing we imagine when it comes to vehicles, so how do you know if they’re wearing out, and what can you do about it?

Brakes: What You Should Know 

  • Because stopping a car depends more on the front brakes, cars often have front disc brakes and back drum brakes (which are usually more expensive). (There are some cars with disc brakes on all four wheels.)
  • You might have learned to “pump the brakes to avoid or recover from a skid.” A new Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is also being installed on cars to prevent or recover from skids on slippery roads. Your car’s ABS pumps the brakes faster than you could – hundreds of times each second. When you press your brake pedal, you can often feel it working.  

What You Should Know About Maintenance

  • Have you checked the brake fluid recently?
  • Pay attention to brake warning signs by active listening. Drivers know when something isn’t quite right. Don’t ignore your gut feeling that you need to get your car repaired.

Failing Brakes: What Are the Symptoms?

  • It sounds like worn brake pads if you hear grinding, squealing, or screeching. Other parts of the brake system can be damaged by wear, so you should have them checked if that happens. Some brake pads squeal when they need replacing. As the brake pads wear down, you can damage the rotors, which is why you hear the grinding noise. As a result, it means more expensive repairs.
  • Are you feeling any vibrations? Is the steering wheel, the brake pedal, or the whole car shaking? If something is warped, things will get more expensive to repair.
  • Pressing down farther on the brake pedal to stop should scare you because it means you’re getting closer to not having any brakes.
  • A brake that pulls to one side indicates uneven wear. If you had to stomp on them, what would happen? What would be the outcome?  
  • After you’ve slammed on your brakes, especially at the bottom of a hill, do you smell something burning? Is smoke coming from a wheel? Have you checked your mirror?
  • This is a hydraulic system, so keep that in mind. High-pressure fluid passes through tubes. If you drive over rocks a lot, those tubes can rust or bend or break, and then you won’t be able to brake.  
  • There is a reason the ABS light is on! Start your car, and you should see it briefly – that’s how you know it’s working. During panicked stops or on slippery roads, however, the system that prevents you from skidding won’t work if the light stays on. Whatever you do, make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed!

Looking For Brake Repair? What Should You Look For?

If you want to know whether a complex system is working correctly, you can get it checked or wait until it malfunctions. Your brake system is composed not only of brake pads, but also of many other parts that could fail.

Put some thought into what you should do next. Auto service shops usually require you to drop off your car, wait in line for who knows how long, and then get stuck without a vehicle. Well, that’s the way it goes.

A typical auto repair shop doesn’t consider the customer’s need for uninterrupted daily activities, so what you need is an Auto Service that is anything but ordinary. 

You’ll want to look for a shop that identifies with your need to maintain your routine and has the pros who can help you preserve your brakes.